Interactive Training (Coming Soon)

The Interactive Training Program uses modules for self paced, hands-on, training at your location. We will supply you with a computer system loaded with the Fanuc NCGuide software configured for machine tool troubleshooting. You may keep these on a monthly basis. Most modules will take two to three hours to complete. This program allows for multiple people to use the computers on a flexible schedule. This will allow for training with minimal interference to production.


Each of our modules will cover a specific topic regarding Fanuc controlled machinery. A short video presentation will describe the subject. The student will answer questions in the program regarding the subject matter to verify that they understand the topic.


Afterwards, they will use this information in a series of labs that are built into the NCGuide software. They will be asked to solve multiple problems in the ladder logic. By doing this they will learn the proper screen navigation techniques needed to solve multiple types of problems. Once the student has completed a module they will be able to go onto the next module in the series. Contact Us if you would like to participate!


The first set of modules include: (Click below to view lab description)

•   M-Code Lab This lab series will cover a detailed look at how M-Codes are configured, executed and the Finish signals associated with them.  The objective is for the student to be able to reverse engineer an M-code and determine why it is hanging up on a completion signal.  Duration: 1 to 2 hours Topics covered: SUB25 Binary Decode and FIN signals. •   Machine Tool Builder Alarm Labs This lab series will cover machine tool builder alarms.  We look at how they are generated, the alarm numbers and messages associated with them, and how to diagnose the errors by using the ladder logic.  The objective is to have the student able to diagnose the cause of a machine tool builder alarm from the ladder logic without the need for factory support.  Duration: 2 to 3 hours Topics covered: Message types, Reverse engineering alarms, Alarm searching methods. •   Program Control Lab This lab series will cover the scan sequence of a Fanuc PMC and the  function statements used to manipulate the order of the program.  We will look at the function statements used for Sub routines, Jump statements and Common Line control.  The objective is to have the student understand why portions of the ladder do not seem to be following a logical pattern due to program manipulation.  Duration: 2 to 3 hours Topics covered: SUB65 CALL, SUB66 CALLU,  SUB10 JMP,  SUB74 CS,  SUB9 COM •   Timer – Counter Lab This lab series will cover a variety of timers and counters used in the Fanuc PMC.  The student will use the labs to diagnose errors produced in the machine due to a combination of both timers and counters.  The objective is to gain an understanding of the types of function statements used for this purpose and how to resolve issued in the ladder logic due to them.  Duration: 2 to 3 hours Topics covered: SUB3 TMR,  SUB24 TMRB,  SUB77 TMRBF,  SUB54 TMRC,  SUB5 CTR,  SUB56 CTRB,  SUB55 CTRC •   Move Statement Lab This lab series will cover function statements used to move data around in a Fanuc PMC program.  The student will provide the proper inputs on the simulator to obtain a designated output.  They will call up a series of M-codes that will generate alarm messages.  Using the simulator, they will then diagnose the alarms.  The objective is to have the student understand how data is moved around in the ladder logic using a variety of methods.  Duration: 2 to 3 hours Topics covered: SUB43 MOVB,  SUB44 MOVW,  SUB45 MOVN,   SUB8  MOVE 


Prerequisite: It is recommended that the students be proficient in Fanuc screen navigation and basic ladder logic.  This can be achieved with our level one class-CNC Troubleshooting- Fanuc Controls




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