About Us

Shoprag is a joint partnership between Joe Miller and John Robbins. Our purpose is to provide machine tool training to skilled trades people involved in the maintenance and repair of CNC equipment using Fanuc controls.

John Robbins

John Robbins has been providing national technical support to machine tool builders, distributors and end users since 1990. His company, Automation Consultants, boasts an impressive list of corporate clients who regularly rely on John’s expertise. He has received extensive training in all aspects of machine tool operations. This includes accuracy issues, electrical troubleshooting and modifications to existing equipment. In many instances, he is able to go to component level in diagnosing problems. His ability to explain the operation of the various machine tool components in simple terms makes him an excellent instructor.


Joe Miller

Joe Miller has spent the last 43 years at Allison Transmission with the first 20 years in manufacturing and the rest of that time with course development and course instruction in the UAW Local 933/Allison Transmission Joint Training Facility. Some of the courses included Basic FANUC controls, CNC Fundamentals, Engineering Overviews and Assembly Processes. He is currently hiding out with Shoprag Publications. Joe’s responsibilities involve the creation of all video and interactive training labs. He is the genius behind the project that makes everything flow smoothly.

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